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"The Golden Keys" Competition and Masterclasses


For Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Wind Instruments and Harp 

Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th November, 2018

Music Island Rheinau, Switzerland

Collaboration Project between "Unite Classics" and
"French Organization of Musical Expression"

Founded in 1992 by concert pianist Gerard Gahnassia. The AFEM (Association Francilienne d'Expression Musicale) organizes each year the contest “The Golden Keys” in several countries such as France, Bulgaria, Israel, Morocco, but also Polynesia, New Caledonia, Réunion, Guadeloupe and Martinique.

This event brings together candidates from conservatories, music schools and private courses, divided into several levels.It is in a real atmosphere of conviviality and seriousness that the tests take place, and all the teachers and parents of students regularly support this contest.


The best winners received the "Clé d'Or" trophy.

Silver and bronze medals were also awarded to the 2nd and 3rd prize winners and all other candidates received a diploma.

Message from the founder:

“I have participated in numerous competitions since I was very young, I wanted to share with the new generation this emotion born from the desire to surpass oneself, the magic of the stage which sometimes allows to refine yourself and also this need to situate in musically while always keeping in mind the motto of Pierre de Coubertin:

The important thing is not to win, but to participate...”

More information:



Musikinsel Rheinau
Klosterinsel 12
CH-8462 Rheinau


1st Prize with Trophy

Kuznetsov Alexander (Violin)

Lee Geuna  (Cello)

Meier Meret Maria (Harp)

Bright Sophie (Trombone)

Nishiyama Anri (Clarinet)

Sahatci Alexander (Piano)

Bokuchava Eka (Piano)

1st Prize

Graf Oliver (Recorder)

Hirst Louis (Cello)

Botan Sara Magdalena (Piano)

Huser Jason (Piano)

Miller Antonia (Piano)

Nüscheler Viviane (Piano)

2nd Prize with Silver medal

Paluch Joanna Janina (Violin)

Perkovic Zvonimir (Cello)

Mykhailov Oleksandr (Cello)

Abele Flurina (Harp)

Münger Alessandra (Harp)

Heinzmann Vivien (Piano)

Liersch Inga (Piano)


2nd Prize

Pavlova Sofiia (Violin)

Liersch Johanna (Violin)

Barta Oliver  (Violin)

Hirst Zoe (Violin)

Carrière Marie (Violin)

Muscarà Silvia (Violin)

Paluch Joanna Janina (Violin)

Buob Alexandra (Piano)

Schäfer Jordan (Piano)

Maiorini Brenda (Piano)

3rd Prize

Novikov Mihail  (Violin)

Nikiforoff Leon Lev (Violin)

Severini Federica (Violin)

Berchtold Livia (Violin)

Eisenhut Maximilian (Viola)

Edlinger Barbara Julia (Viola)

La Rosée Marguerite  (Cello)

Jetzer Seline (Harp)

Liersch Charlotte (Piano)

Hadeli Emmeline Chloe (Piano)

Hall Shilpa Arianna (Piano)

Metreveli Mary (Piano)

Hötzenecker Alexander (Piano)

Vitale Niccolò (Piano)

Special Prizes from Unite Classics:


“Prize for Virtuosity”

Alexander Kuznetsov (Violin)


“The best teacher”

Carina Walter (Harp)


“The best Swiss Participant”

Meret Maria Meier (Harp)


“Best performer of Swiss Composer”

Heinzmann Vivien (Piano)

for „Dèrborintse“ op. 65 Nr. 3 from Julien-François Zbinden


"KNS Classical" Price – CD digital publishing and release:

Alexander Kuznetsov (Violin)

Lee Geuna  (Cello)

Bokuchava Eka (Piano)


VIP invitation to Hamburg to visit the Steinway manufactory

from Foundation "MusikHug":

Bokuchava Eka (Piano)

Alexander Sahatci (Piano)


Scholarship from "Foundation Lyra"

for best participants in Level 2, 3, and 4

Bright Sophie (Trombone)

Meret Maria Meier (Harp)

Alexander Sahatci (Piano)


Vouchers from Foundation "MusikHug"

Mykhailov Oleksandr (Cello)

Nishiyama Anri (Clarinet)

Graf Oliver (Recorder)

Jury Members:

Partner and Support:

Administrative Information in Switzerland:


Association Unite Classics

Brandstrasse 33

8952 Schlieren/Zurich


Tel.: + 41 76 529 25 76

Administrative Information in France:


Headquarters: 7, Offenbach street - 93250 VILLEMOMBLE

Tel. / Fax: + 33 1 48 55 93 50



President and Artistic Director: Gerard GAHNASSIA

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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