Unite Classics

Connecting through Music

Unite Classics connects talent with orchestras,

classical music with modern art, artists with sponsors, musical virtuosity with the heart of the audience,

art with stylish commerce and Switzerland with the entire world. Through innovative funding and inspiring projects, we want to return classic music to its modern age and appeal to a new, wider audience.

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„Steinway Piano Competition

and Master Classes

Switzerland 2023

Jubilee Charity Concert

60 years Swiss UNICEF and 10 years VIVACE

Cooperation with Swiss Embassy in Georgia

World Federation of International Music Competitions WFIMC

VIP Press Launch, Swiss Embassy Berlin

1st Conference Alink-Argerich Foundation 150 international Music Organisations and Competitions met in Barcelona

Charity Concert for Zurich Kinderspital Stiftung „Chance“ and Vivace

Sponsored by Zurich Insurance Company Ltd


Over 15 years International Relationships

with numerous conservatories and

music schools in order to find talented musicians from all over the world.

Jury member at Nice Côte d'Azur

International Piano Competition  with famous musicians Gabriel Tacchino, Princess Caroline Murat-Haffner, Francoise Chaffiaud

Over 60 Prize winners of International Competitions

from Tamara Kordzadze`s piano class

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